Thursday, December 19, 2013

Meyer Family - Christmas Photos

What? You thought this was a blog of pictures I took. Well it is.
I'm actually getting pretty good at the self timer. My family thinks I'm a nut, but what else is new.

 I'm pretty much in love with this picture

Afton - Senior Pictures

I couldn't be more proud or in love with this girl.

Taylor -- Senior Pictures

One of the cutest, sweetest girls you could ever meet.

Shaelyn - Senior Pictures

Brains, Talent AND Looks!
She's a triple threat

Tim - Senior Pictures

Cute kid, right?
I know him as Timmy.
I remember when he was 8.
He probably doesn't want me to.

Do you see the mischief in his face?



Shane and McKenna - Surprise Engagement

Surprise Engagement -- Not to mention surprise homecoming. She hadn't seen him since he'd gotten home from his mission (She didn't even know he was home. He told her he was getting home a week later than he did).

 I wasn't taking pictures at the wedding but I snapped this and thought it was so close I had to include it here.