Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What a Difference an Edit Makes -- Senior Portraits - Carli

So, editing someone else's photos is not really my thing. 
I love, as a photographer, to see a vision through the lens, what it is, and what it can become. 
All with  just a little bit of tweaking. 
A lesson I learned long ago was to "crop through the view finder". 
While this is not always possible, the less post production work you can do, the better. 
However, I love, love, love, seeing a mediocre photograph become something special, with a just a little bit of creative cropping and adjustments. 
While I don't want to make a business out of editing someone else's work, I thought this would be a great chance to show what is possible.
I suppose I could illustrate this point with my own photos, but then you would see all my mediocre photos, and that just won't do.
Apparently though, I don't have a problem airing someone else's dirty laundry... (j/k)

Edit No. 1

Edit No. 2

                                 (option 1)                                                          (option 2)

Edit No. 3

Edit No. 4 (my favorite transformation)

 Edit No. 5

(option 1)

(option 2)

See how it works? Eliminate background noise, crop out distractions, brighten, yada, yada... and suddenly, the emphasis is on Carli and her beautiful smile.

Keep in mind, too much cropping can severely effect the clarity of a photo when enlarging and printing into a portrait.


 No offense to or slight on the original photographer. He did a great job. It was my pleasure to enhance his work.

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